Best Bluetooth Earphones under 500

Best Blutooth Earphones under 500

In this fast running world, music is the one thing that keeps us going isn’t it? We are constantly glued to our mobiles and laptops listening to the sounds that make us happy.

To keep these vibrations alive, you do need a proper gadget but that comes at a hefty price.

We know you must have had searched for great quality earphones but closed the tabs in vain ‘cause these things are almost always way above the budget! We have a prepared a list of the best earphones that you can have in Rs 500 with good quality sound and bass.


Best Bluetooth Earphones under 500

These are Best Bluetooth Earphones under 500 in India 2020

  • GoSale Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
  • Sunrise Bluetooth Sweat Proof Sports Wireless Earphone
  • Drumstone captcha QC10 Jogger Bluetooth Headphone
  • SunRise QC10 Bluetooth Earphones
  • HAAU Jogger TWS Stereo Y4 Wireless Earphone
  • Elevea Sports Bluetooth Jogger Headset
  • Lambent Bluetooth Magnetic Stylish Headset
  • Lambent Mini S6 Bluetooth Headset


Best Wireless Earphones Under Rs 500

GoSale Wireless Bluetooth Earphone

Best Bluetooth Earphones under 500, Best Wireless Earphones under 500

GoSale Wireless Bluetooth Earphone easily takes the spotlight for its one of a kind smart design.

In a great price, this one comes with a wire-free structure with Bluetooth 4.1 technology so you can easily use it at the gym while travelling in the bus or during your morning jog. The high bass quality gives the sound vibrations life with its astounding original sound experience.

With built-in mic, you can talk easily with your pals on the go! What’s more, its volume controllers cross out the need to bring out your device every often to regulate volume. The noise cancellation feature makes clear calling one of a kind.

Various colours ranging from red, green, blue and black give you the options to go stylish with your device. Battery backup of 4.5-5 hours, you can simply charge your earphone once and have good music experience.

It is Compatible with Android, iOS and Windows smartphones, you don’t need to worry about if your device will pair with the earphone.


Sunrise Bluetooth Sweat Proof Sports Wireless Earphone

Sunrise Bluetooth Sweat Proof Sports Wireless Earphone

Your workout buddy Start your day with The sunrise Bluetooth headset, which is carefully designed for your morning exercises or evening walks as it energizes you with your favourite track and does not even let sweat disrupt your music.

Your sports partner stylish but lightweight Bluetooth headset with a metallic body is also your perfect partner when you play your sport.

You can adjust and listen to your favourite song in optimum volume, skip the one you don’t like or replay the last one with just a press of a button and don’t let anything come in between while you enjoy your music on the field. Motivating music with perfect sound is sure to bring out the best in you.

Features that make it the best:

  • The sunrise wireless earphones instantly connect with the chosen device and play some of your favourite songs in excellent sound quality.
  • The attached mic with the earphone with clear sound quality enables you to attend calls with ease.
  • The attached earbud ensures crisp and clear sound every time. Get ready for an amazing experience with the Sunrise Bluetooth sweat-proof sports wireless earphones.


Drumstone captcha QC10 Jogger Bluetooth Headphone

Drumstone captcha QC10 Jogger Bluetooth Headphone

Either an evening jog or a late night walk, the Drumstone captcha QC10 headphones are your perfect companion. Just grab the earphones, head straight to your destination and enjoy your time with your favourite music with crisp and clear sound quality.

Take yourself back to the gym or run and jog around to keep fit and we have got the Drumstone Captcha QC10 Bluetooth headphones to keep you charged and energise all day.

Best Time of the Day

Whether it is star gazing or scrolling your mobile, music definitely needs to accompany you. With the Drumstone Captcha headphones, you can easily connect it to your phone, tablet or laptop without any trouble.

The Drumstone earphones are easily connected to your device, be it an Android or an iPhone, without any hassles and lets you enjoy your musical experience.

Features that make it the best:

  • No batteries required for enjoying the music
  • Attached earbud ensuring proper sound delivery
  • Extremely light-weight and stylish

Buy the Drumstone captcha QC10 Jogger Bluetooth with stereo sound for all Android and iPhone devices for an amazing experience with sound


SunRise QC10 Bluetooth Earphones

SunRise QC10 Bluetooth Earphones

A perfect morning walk or a lazy late-night stroll is incomplete without your favourite song playing in the background and what’s better than SunRise QC10 Bluetooth Earphones to accompany you.

This hands-free headset is perfectly curated for your everyday use without any trouble to give you a good experience in music. The Sunrise QC10 wireless neckband Bluetooth Earphones is a must-have accessory because of its impeccable design and high-quality sound with HD speakers and enhanced the BASS effect.

Even while playing your favourite sport, the SunRise QC10 wireless neckband Bluetooth Earphones is your best companion as it is waterproof and encourages you with the crisp and clear sound quality.

Distinct Features

  • The earphone is compatible with all android and IOS devices through Bluetooth 4.1+EDR
  • An astonishing 7-hour battery life that lets you enjoy long hours of break free music.
  • The built-in microphone is an essential feature which enables you to take calls and do other important stuff while enjoying music.

The earphones are carefully designed for convenient use, get ready to buy the SunRise QC10 wireless neckband Bluetooth Earphones and enjoy the amazing experience with clear sound quality.


HAAU Jogger TWS Stereo Y4 Wireless Earphone

HAAU Jogger TWS Stereo Y4 Wireless Earphone

The HAAU jogger TWS Stereo Y4 wireless earphones are a stunning piece of must-have as they give you excellent sound quality and a hassle-free time with the music.

The wireless in-Ear headphone headset is beautiful in design and comes in red colour which makes it all the more attractive. The in-Built high-quality microphone and the In-Ear wireless earbuds give you an amazing experience with sound.

The earphones do not only look good but also feel good, the HAAU wireless earphones are made of lightweight metal which along with the magnetic locking makes it easier for you to hang it around your neck when not really in the mood to listen to music.

The HAAU wireless headphones headsets In-Ear earphones can be easily connected to all Bluetooth enabled Android and iPhone devices. The earphones are also sports compatible because they are sweat proof and splash proof which makes it easier for you to motivate yourself with energizing music without having to worry about anything else.

Get ready to grab the HAAU in-Ear headphones headset jogger In-Ear earphones and experience music like nowhere else.


Elevea Sports Bluetooth Jogger Headset

Elevea Sports Bluetooth Jogger Headset

Grab the Elevea Sports Wireless Bluetooth Jogger headphones and enjoy life more with high-quality music without worry. The company gives you a one-year warranty for all manufacturing defects with wireless Bluetooth headphones, which gives you the perfect musical experience without any worries.

The Elevea Sports Bluetooth headset is perfect for everyday use as it easily connects to Bluetooth devices, be it android or iPhone and lets you enjoy your favourite tracks.
Sporting activities should definitely find a place in your daily routine, and music is an essential part of your workout.

The Elevea Bluetooth headphones are sure to energize you with high-quality lively music. The Elevea Bluetooth earphones have zero radiation which is not harmful and makes the earphones your perfect workout buddy.

The built-in microphone for earphones enables you to take calls and do other minor adjustments without much hassle. The earbud attached to the Elevea Bluetooth headset ensures crisp and clear music. Buy the latest Elevea wireless headset and experience the next level high-quality music.


 Lambent Bluetooth Magnetic Stylish Headset

Lambent Bluetooth Magnetic Stylish Headset

With powerful battery life and carefully curated agronomic design makes the Lambent Bluetooth Magnetic and stylish headsets, one of the best available in the market.

The Lambent Bluetooth Earphones can be easily connected to all compatible devices with the stable Bluetooth 4.1 signal. The wireless feature and the control buttons with easy access enable you to take calls hands-free and without worry.

The Lambent Bluetooth is extremely attractive and stylish, the vibrant red and black colour enhances its style and look.

While jogging, cycling or just running, the Lambent earphones are your perfect partner which energizes you and motivates you with crisp and clear sound quality.

Play a high energy sport or sitting back on the sofa all the time, music is your constant partner and the Lambent Bluetooth headset is sure to give you a  beautiful, crisp and strong sound system quality. The two year warranty and buttons with easy access definitely gives you a hassle free experience.

Grab the Lambent Bluetooth magnetic headset which is not only stylish but also gives you an awesome experience with high-quality sound system.


Lambent Mini S6 Bluetooth Headset

Lambent Mini S6 Bluetooth Headset

The Lambent Mini S6 Bluetooth Earphones come with exceptional sound quality and excellent and convenient design. The Lambent Mini S6 wireless headset a is compatible with all Bluetooth devices, be it Android or iPhone.

Lambent earphones have a noise cancelling feature that is highly appreciated and effective in giving its user interruptions free and good quality experience with sound quality.

The design of the Lambent earphones is a very convenient and stylish design which makes it look attractive. The attached earbuds feature a comfortable fit in the ear and excellent sound quality.

The Lambent earphones fit for your use while you are sweating in the gym, working hard in the office or gazing at the stars late at night on your terrace as wireless earphones connect to any Bluetooth compatible devices to give you good quality musical experience.

The company also gives you two-year replacement or repair warranty for any manufacturing defects.

Buy the Lambent mini S6 earphones handset and enjoy your life with your favourite playlist of songs in high and exceptional quality playing in the background.



With a great design and an impressive set of specifications, GoSale Wireless Earphone easily takes the stage with its glorious sound quality.  This device offers good music experience without experiencing a blow to their pocket.

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